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Changlin Automation·Product

15 years of focus on R&D and production of dispensing and dispensing equipment

Changlin Automation·Industry Solutions

Common Choice for 375 Brand Customers

Machine vision+scraping+dispensing in one

One stop fully automated dispensing and dispensing equipment service provider
  • R&D of dispensing equipment
  • Production of dispensing equipment
  • Maintenance of dispensing equipment

400 658 6568

Changlin Automation·Four advantages

15 years of focus on R&D and production of dispensing and dispensing equipment
  • 01

    The source manufacturer of research and development and production of dispensing and dispensing equipment for 15 years

    15 years of deep cultivation, familiar with the upstream and downstream needs of dispensing equipment, providing full line development, with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, and the equipment is sold both domestically and internationally;

    National high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Province contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, 27 international level patented technologies; 6 honorary qualifications;

  • 02

    Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing, providing you with various non-standard dispensing equipment

    The company has a professional technical team of 127 people, 24 research and development personnel, with over 15 years of industry experience accounting for 80%. We can customize solutions according to your process, quality, production capacity, site, and other requirements;

    The company invests over 10% in research and development every day, and has fully mastered high-precision spray dispensing, filling and coating technology, glue filling technology, and the design and customization of non-standard production lines;

  • 03

    36 industries, 375 customers jointly choose

    The equipment is widely used in the fields of SMT, FPC, PCB assembly, semiconductor packaging, LED display screens, COB packaging, power supply, energy storage, automotive power, automotive electronics, new energy, aviation plugs, transformers, and other products for waterproof and thermal insulation, as well as clothing dispensing;

    The company continues to increase product research and technological innovation, with CCD vision and precise dispensing, with a diameter of 0.5mm-19.1mm for precise dispensing;

  • 04

    A team of 25 after-sales engineers, one-on-one customer service follow-up

    Pre sales: Free consultation, free demand analysis, free samples, and professional equipment loans;

    In sales: Professional engineers follow up one-on-one, standard machines are shipped on the same day, non punctuation glue equipment takes up to 7 days, and non punctuation glue automated production lines are customized for 45 days;

    After sales: There are 8 service outlets nationwide, providing localized services and providing operation and maintenance training; The equipment is guaranteed for 12 months, with 24-hour on-site service and lifelong remote guidance.

  • More experience
    More experience
  • Personalized customization
    Personalized customization
  • Wider application
    Wider application
  • More comprehensive service
    More comprehensive service

Certificate of Honor

The company has successively won 27 national level patents and multiple honorary qualifications

About us

15 years of focus on R&D and production of dispensing and dispensing equipment
Dispensing machine_Dispensing equipment-Shenzhen Changlin automation equipment co., LTD

Dispensing machine_Dispensing equipment-Shenzhen Changlin automation equipment co., LTD

375 brand customer dispensing and dispensing equipment suppliers

Shenzhen Changlin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor and electronic equipment. Its main services include SMT FPC and PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging, LED display screen COB packaging, Waterproof and thermal conductive adhesive fillin...


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